"Infinite Suffering CD/LP"
Download the Tracks (MediaFire)

Cover Painting By Jon Clue. Oil on Canvas.
CD illustration By Jon Clue

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studios.

Vinyl Version comes with 16x24" poster of entire cover art (what is on the cover is a detail of the
full painting), hand written lyrics and band photo (on inner sleeve), green/black/yellow
splatter pattern vinyl. Limited edition 500 copies.

Mutant Supremacy was formed in 2007 in Brooklyn, NY by guitarist Sam Awry(Atakke, Sun Descends) and drummer/former tech and tour manager Robert Nelson. The band was started, pure and simple out of a love of Death Metal and a desire to see it performed the old way-brutal, ugly, and unpretentious. Influenced by the old school American and Swedish scenes, Mutant Supremacy, joined by guitarist Glen Syzmanski, recorded their first demo in 2008, and temporarily assisted by Robert's brother Jesse, played their first show with Nekrofilth from Cleveland. Soon after, Winslow joined as permanent bassist and Daniel Satanas replaced Glen as second guitarist. This lineup continued to play well received gigs in New York, sharing the stage with such acts as Misery Index, Magrudergrind, Cannabis Corpse, Gigan, Lecherous Nocturne, Soulless, Deceased, Landmine Marathon, Antiagma, Whiplash, and Cattle Decapitation. The band entered the studio in August 2009 and recorded two songs, to be released as a split e.p. with Nekrofilth by Iron Bonehead productions. A second four song demo, entitled "Corpses in Pieces" was recorded as well, and released on cassette.

Seeking a more professional recording, Mutant Supremacy entered Full Force Studio in January 2010, and recorded an 8 song full length with engineer Joe Cincotta, a death metal veteran who recorded such bands as Suffocation and Internal Bleeding, as well as doing live sound for Obituary. The result, a scathing diatribe about nuclear war, murder, and the human race's depravity and eminent obliteration, vomited over furious riffs, vicious solos and relentless drumming is scheduled to be released by the band in July 2010 on CD and 12 inch vinyl, with haunting cover art by New York tattoo and visual artist John Clue. Additionally, one of the album's songs, "Morbid Dismemberment" is to be featured on the soundtrack to the Namco/Bandai video game Splatterhouse, scheduled for release fall 2010, appearing along side Goatwhore, Terrorizer, The Haunted, Municipal Waste, High on Fire and Mastodon. A portion of the song is featured in the games current trailer, and is viewable on the game's website, http://www.splatterhousegame.com, or here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfBbOp9S1lA

In May 2010, Curtis Johnston replaced Daniel as second guitarist. The current and strongest lineup of Mutant Supremacy, in addition to having upcoming shows with Nominon, At War, and Malevolent Creation is looking to expand their audience through touring throughout the United States, Europe, and wherever fans of true, old school death metal can be found.